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Imagine a short walk to campus on a warm spring morning, with the added luxury of a conveniently located bus stop for the cold winter months - The District at Campus West’s location that offers just that! Less than 1 mile way from King Soopers and within walking distance to more than a dozen local restaurants, The District has an unmatched location for all of your needs.

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12 Summer Bucket List Ideas for College & Grad Students

Even though your summer may be occupied with summer school, a job or an internship, it’s important to take time to enjoy your summer break, too. There’s so much fun to be had during the summer […] ...

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Tips for Moving Out

One minute you are moving into your apartment, the next your lease is almost up! When it is finally time to pack your things and go, move-out day can seem to be one long and stressful […] ...

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10 Ways To Spend Your Summer Break in 2021 That Aren’t Academic

College students are always looking forward to summer break, especially after a chaotic school year during a global pandemic. No more homework, studying or late-night cramming for tomorrow’s test. Summer break in 2021 is an opportunity [& ...

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Summer Bucket List after Graduation

It is time to celebrate! We are so excited to congratulate all 2021 graduates for their years of dedication and hard work while pursuing their degrees. Receiving a college degree is a remarkable milestone, and it […] ...

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